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14 Amazon Statistics You Should Know in 2023

A powerhouse like Amazon commands shopper attention. Aptly monikered “the Everything Store,” Amazon offers products and services that include retail goods, delivery, advertising, digital services, electronics, and media. What once started as an online bookstore has transformed into the largest online retailer in the world — and it’s no wonder entrepreneurs want in.

The multinational e-commerce company has snapped up some incredible accolades for growth, sales, and seller success. If you’re an Amazon seller or want to become one, here are some Amazon statistics you should know:

1. Amazon owns the largest piece of the pie for e-commerce sales.

When it comes to online sales, Amazon is a mammoth. Amazon will account for nearly 40% of the U.S. e-commerce market this year. The next 18% is split between Walmart, Apple, eBay, Target, and Home Depot.

2. Amazon’s average daily sales revenue: is $1.4 billion. 

That accounts for Amazon’s total revenue of a whopping $514 billion in 2022. According to Statista, this accounts for a net loss of $2.7 billion, the company’s first loss in over ten years. 

3. Amazon has 310 million customers worldwide.

For comparison, that’s almost as many shoppers as the entire population of the U.S. eTail reports that 90 million of these active global customers are Amazon Prime members. 

4. 51% of consumers start their product searches on Amazon.

According to Jungle Scout’s most recent Consumer Trends Report, Amazon is the most popular search destination for consumers, above search engines (39%), Walmart (34%), YouTube (23%), and Facebook (22%). Amazon sees over 2 billion site visits every month and saw 2.2 billion site visits in April 2023.

5. Most of Amazon’s sales come from independent sellers

A majority of the products sold on Amazon are sold by independent sellers. According to Amazon, 60% of all Amazon sales in 2022 came from third-party sellers, the majority of which represent small-to-medium-sized businesses. 

6. The majority of Amazon sellers are 3P sellers.

Globally, there are nearly 2 million small and midsize third-party businesses selling on Amazon. In 2023, 70% of these sellers are 3P sellers, or independent sellers using Seller Central.

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7. Third-party sellers generate some serious cash.

According to our research, 89% of Amazon sellers are profitable, and 63% are profitable within a year of launching their business. In addition, 22% of SMB sellers surpassed $10,000 in average monthly sales.

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8. 24% of Amazon’s total revenue is attributed to third-party sellers.

These entrepreneurs are making a big impact on the Amazon business — in fact, 70% of SMB Amazon sellers are third-party sellers. In Q3 2023, 24% of Amazon’s revenue was attributed to third-party sellers, a reported 18% year-over-year growth. 

9. Third-party sellers in the U.S. sold over 7,800 products per minute on Amazon.

In 2022, third-party sellers sold more than 4.1 billion products—that’s 7,800 products per minute!

10. 86% of sellers use Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) as their selling method.

Amazon FBA is the most popular fulfillment method for third-party sellers; 54% of sellers create their own products and brands with the private label model.

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11. Home & Kitchen is the most popular Amazon product category among SMB sellers.

35% of SMB Amazon sellers sell in the Home & Kitchen category, due to ease of manufacturing, durability during delivery, and minimal category restrictions. The second most popular category for sellers is Beauty and Personal care at 26%, followed by clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry at 20%.

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12. Amazon’s Prime membership is expected to reach 76.6 million households in 2022. 

According to Statista, U.S. households with Amazon Prime were expected to grow 15% in 2022 — up from 66.4 million households in 2019. And that tracks: 80% of U.S. consumers expect free shipping on orders above a certain dollar amount. In 2023, 61% of consumers have access to an Amazon Prime account, and among them, 91% say they’re likely to renew it for another year. 

13. As of 2021, Amazon employs over 1.461 million people worldwide.

Amazon’s employment has impressive global reach — and this doesn’t even account for Amazon’s seasonal or temporary workers.

14. Amazon Advertising earned $37.7 billion last year.

Amazon’s advertising revenues grew 20% from 2021 to 2022, totaling $37.7 billion dollars. Advertising makes Amazon an enormous amount of money, and more than ever—over twice the amount from 2019!

Amazon continues to impress with staggering e-commerce stats. As the mainstay of e-commerce, Amazon is securing its spot at the top, while providing third-party sellers an opportunity to join in on the victory. 

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