E-Commerce Gold


You have Questions? We have Answers!

Below is a list of the most common questions we get about the E-Commerce Gold Business Offer. If you have any questions about our Business Offer please feel free to contact us.

Our team of highly qualified specialists work around the clock to ensure your store’s success. From managing Amazon metrics, analyzing trending market data to handling customer service and support, we have you covered.
Our team targets trending products and inventory with the greatest margins based on real-time metrics. This supporting data allows us the ability to adapt seamlessly and focus your store’s inventory to various, highly profitable products sold on the Amazon platform. We are not limited to a specific product, category or industry; this provides our clients access to the highest margins and more flexibility.
  • Initial fee
  • Minimal funding for inventory (cash or credit)
It takes a few weeks for your inventory to be ready and our team to properly optimize your account. You should start seeing a return after 12 weeks.

This offer is different because of the background of the people involved. No other similar offer is backed by the level of marketing, sales and business acumen that back E-Commerce Gold brings to the table.

No. While you are welcome to participate in the makeup of your inventory, this offer is designed to be automated for you. Our team identifies trending products and designs your inventory around these highly attractive (and profitable) products.
No. The inventory is stored by Amazon and other providers, there is no need for you to provide storage for the inventory.
Amazon already attracts a natural flow of visitors. For a standalone website to work you would need to first generate traffic to that website and build a name in order to be able to sell products.